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If you and your family want to have a fun memorable holiday, you should visit Florida. Holidays to Florida can consist of trips to theme parks, beaches and golf courses. When you take the time to plan your holiday to Florida, you and your family can have an adventure filled holiday. However, it can always become hectic before going on holiday so its sometimes nice to know you can have a comfortable nights sleep before flying the next morning and be in close proximity to the airport. hotels near gatwick airport understand this and so they offer a park, stay and go service so you are feeling all refreshed for you adventurous holiday.

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Universal Studios

A holiday to Florida would not be complete without a trip to Universal Studios. You can meet celebrities and experience the magic of how movies are made. While you are at Universal Studios, you can ride amusement park rides, and watch presentations. The space rides are some of the most popular rides at Universal Studios.

Sea World

If you want to see marine animals up close, you should visit Sea World. Sea World in Orlando has been attracting crowds from around the world for 40 years. There are several marine animals you can watch at sea world, but there are also several other things to do at Sea World. When you finish watching the animal shows at Sea World, you can ride on the park's roller coasters.

Walt Disney

Disney world has fun for all ages. Your kids will love making friends with Disney characters. You will love the amazing restaurants and amusement park rides. California has a Disney theme park, but Florida has the largest Disney theme park.

Daytona, USA

If there are members in your family who like race car driving, you might want to plan a visit to Daytona, USA. You will find fun for the whole family. Visit Daytona, USA and you will feel like you are part of the NASCAR racing experience.

The Florida Keys

You can get a tropical island holiday without leaving the United States. The Florida Keys are a chain of islands off the Florida coast. You can go snorkelling in clear blue waters. You can also watch tropical fish while taking a glass boat tour.

Busch Gardens

If you have ever wanted to take a family holiday to an exotic location, you should consider visiting Busch Gardens. You can see wild animals up close. You can also ride roller coasters. If you come during feeding time, you will get to see the park staff feeding the animals.

Dry Tortugas National Park

If you want to swim with marine life, you should take a trip to Dry Tortugas National Park. The park is located 70 miles from the Florida Keys. The park is a small island that is famous for its sea turtles. The park is named Dry Tortugas because it is on an island that is surrounded by salt water.


Miami is located in southern Florida. The city is famous for its diversity. You can find several Caribbean restaurants in Florida. You can visit the beach, and you can take a salsa lesson at a dance studio.

Florida has fun for the whole family. You can find several free and paid activities. When you plan your holiday to Florida in advance, you can visit all the places you on your itinerary.